About Operational Risk Management

Semper Paratus, Semper Vigilans


"Always Prepared, Always Vigilant"



Operational Risk Management serves a wide range of clientele throughout a vast diversification of industries and individual customers.


We were formed by military veterans with the intention to break through the private security and protective services stereotype. We are not another 'fly by night' or 'cookie cutter' security services company; we do not simply look for people to fill uniforms and stand around. We are proud of the fact that over 90% of our employees are veterans of the U.S. military, law enforcement and/or other government agencies.


Our values are the foundation of our company, our operations, our culture and our clients. Our values are what help shape a long-term and successful venture for our customers and our employees. Those values can be encapsulated in four words: Respect, Integrity, Duty, and Vigilance.




Treat people as they should be treated. Respect for others a is paramount trait as an employee of Operational Risk Management. It does not matter if it involves someone whom they are close to, a supervisor, a customer, a client or a complete stranger; our personnel shows the utmost respect when handling situations, no matter how seemingly inconsequential or how important or strenuous.




Doing what's right, both legally and morally. We hold our employees to a high standard and we expect our employees to hold themselves to a high standard. They constantly act according to principles - not just what might work at the moment. They do they right thing, not because it is convenient or because they have no choice; they choose the right thing because their character permits no less.




Continuously fulfilling obligations without sacrificing standards. For all members of Operational Risk Management, this goes hand and hand with Integrity. It is our responsibility to ensure that the scope of our position is always carried out until the end. We are professionals; we are not content with merely meeting minimal standards. We commit to an excellence in performing our responsibilities to the very best of our abilities and we refuse to become complaint.




One of the reasons why we are staffed with experienced veterans and why we partake in a strenuous training program is to be vigilant at all times. We see, hear and evaluate every little nuance during our daily duties; this intuition allows us to notice things that others do not. Not only is it part of our motto, but it is what helps us steer our clientele away from potential risks and/or incidents. It also allows us to act swiftly under duress, allowing us to help keep your employees, customers, property and your way of life safe.

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